With features that seamlessly integrate onto a single
cloud-based platform.

A HR software catered for everyone.

At HReasily, we focus on the resources that really matter; the people. Our aim is to provide you with solutions that will make your everyday day better and easier.

Create and setup claims.

Automated claim filing.

Our claims system integrates with payroll, allowing customisable & multi currency claims anytime, anywhere.

Clock in and out easily

Time attendance? Not a problem!

Get detailed reports on time and attendance integrate seamlessly with payroll, cutting down on manual calculations and processing time.

Remotely clocking in

Face recognition

Our facial recognition software allows for quicker clock-in and out for everyone in the office.

Why HReasily payroll?

Because our payroll processing software is automated, you don’t have to do any manual calculations and filing. This not only frees up your time, but it also decreases the risk of human calculation errors and allows you to focus on what truly matters stress free.

Apply & Approval

Apply leave on any device

Forget the tedious paperwork and instead apply for leave with just a touch of a button, on your mobile or desktop. You can even approve leave the same way anytime and anywhere you are at your convenience.

Automate your mobile processes anytime, anywhere.

We are more than just a platform, we are your HR management team. We focus on providing you with digitised solutions that will make your workflow easier and minimise the risk of human errors, for as low as $2 per employee per month.

Ready to automate your HR management now?

Join our businesses and get familiar with the HReasily Platform by exploring your very own account.